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Prosecco made with love as it was used be but with modern technologies
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Prosecco made with love as it was used be but with modern technologies. Strictly artisanal. Harvested by hand on steep hills of Valdobbiadene.

Nonno G prosecco spumante extra dry DOC

As in the past, when the harvest was gathered exclusively by hand during the first cold days of the year, we still make this wine exclusively with the first grape, when the fruit, at the top of its ripeness, takes a golden hue. The wine is soft and dry to the taste, thanks to an appropriate acidity. It is the most acclaimed aperitif; thanks to its versatility, it combines easily with seafood,  soups, delicate meat sauce pastas, fresh cheeses and white meats. The colour is a vivid straw-yellow, brightened up by its perlage. Recommended serving temperature: 47°F (8°C).

Millesimato Valdobbiadene prosecco superiore DOCG

The Valdobbiadene Prosecco superiore DOCG Millesimato is a white sparkling wine made from the best selected grapes, harvested in a year; these have been hand-picked from the highest hills where the sun light gives to the Prosecco grape the best ripeness, an intense aroma and a superior preservation of the organoleptic properties. This blend produces a fresh and round wine, with elegant flair, suitable for the best occasions. The colour is a straw-yellow. Recommended serving temperature: 47°F (8°C).


Col Bartaldo

This wine is made from white grapes from the highest hills, following traditional method of natural fermentation in the bottle. This method blends the different fragrances of grapes with the delecate sparkles and it gives a fresh and youthful touch to the wine. It appears as fruity, with a consistent hint of apple, and toasted bread’s hint too. It is better served with simple starters and first courses. The colour is a typical light straw-yellow. Recommended serving temperature: 47-50°F (8°-10°C).

Millesimato Spumante extra dry

This wine is made entirely from glera white grapes. These are hand-picked from the highest hills and selected at harvest time. The straw-yellow colour of this wine resembles the sunligt that warms the high hills from this wine comes. The wine is soft and it gives elegant flair and an intense aroma. It is better served with simple starters.
Recommended serving temperature: 47-50°F (8°-10°C).

Bianco Pacifico

The Pacifico is a dry white wine made entirely from Glera white grapes. On the nose the characteristic note of this wine is fresh white, peeled fruits. On the palate you’ll experience intense aromas, evoking tropical fruits complemented by hints of rose. This is a weighty white wine, dry and well balanced in its flavours, soft yellow in colour, which partners perfectly with fish courses. Recommended serving temperature: 50°F (10°C).

Rosso Micel

Brought to the bottle following a long maceration, this wine has a full-bodied taste, with a robust, spicy character on the nose followed by aromas of woodland berries.
It is perfectly suited to drink with main courses, ideal with red meats and game. This wine is a deep ruby red colour. Recommended serving temperature: 60°-65°F (16°-18°C).

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